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Milky white Vedika back, 3rd film in Kannada

  • IndiaGlitz, [Thursday,March 16 2017,]

A soft and serene looking actress of South India Vedika is going to hit a hat trick? Time would answer this question. She has two hits in Kannada. Whether this ‘Gowdru Hotel’ would register cash registers?

Vedhika made debut in ‘Sangama’ in 2008 of SV Babu Productions with golden star Ganesh, she rocked in horror dose film ‘Shivalinga’ in 2016 with Dr Shivarajakumar in P Vasu direction. She is now in ‘Gowdru Hotel’ her first remake in Kannada.

Kudos to Vedhika! She was seen in top stars and directors films so far. For the first time in Kannada she is with a newcomer Rachan Chandra. Apparently ‘Gowdru Hotel’ is remake of Malayalam film of 2012 ‘Ustaad Hotel’.