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Ezra Review

'Ezra' is not the usual run of the mill horror story. A credible storyline and stellar acting makes the movie an interesting watch. Director Jayakrishnan aka Jay K has taken up an interesting subject for his debut and he has done well in keeping the audience engrossed with the Jewish angle. Like with many a horror movie that we have seen around, this one too has a ghost up for revenge and entering humans to have its way. But the way Jay has conceived it is different. ‘Ezra’ is old fare cloaked new.

The beginning runs parallel with the death of an antique store keeper in Kochi after opening the debug box and the life of an atomic energy waste disposal officer Ranjan (Prithviraj) in Mumbai. With Ranjan’s shift to Kochi, the two stories meet. Priya is Ranjan’s wife and is keen to deck up their new abode, an old villa with antiques. That is how the debug box enters the Ranjan household. Being a horror thriller it wouldn’t be fair to reveal much of the plot. Anyway the spirit of Ezra is now unleashed and it starts to wreak havoc.

We have all the clichés of a horror movie after that including the mirrors, glass breaking, dogs howling, glazed eyes all with of course the customary sound effect. More than it trying to horrify, the Jewish tale of yore and the story of how Ezra’s ghost got inside the debug box is interesting. Also the story breaks away from a very hard set cliché – that of a Christian or Hindu priest exorcist and instead brings in a Jewish one, which is refreshing. (There is a Christian priest whose role is limited).

One would expect the spirit to be in another person than the one who is being targeted till then in such movies. And of course, the thrill is in knowing in whom the spirit of Ezra really resides in the end. This twist in the plot is very beautifully brought out. The plot of ‘Ezra’ is good. The performance of the entire cast is commendable. Prithviraj has given a classy performance and so has Priya Anand as his wife. Their sizzling chemistry is eye catching. There sure would be talk of those tantalising scenes of Priya. Sudev Nair, Tovino, and others have done well. Jimpson of ‘Maheshinte Prathikaram’ is there in the movie with a dubbing by Sunny Wayne. The director could have roped him in for that role. The narration by Indrajith is also notable.

Treatment wise the movie is reminiscent of films like ‘Arikil Oraal’. In ‘Ezra’ the tone is dark and the frames are sober. But instead of it adding dimension to the horror thriller, the entire thing looks drab. The camera has not been able to bring out the beauty in the dark frames. The editing is good. Songs by Rahul Raj are beautiful and the tunes stay on. ‘Ezra’ is something that Malayalam cinema has not much attempted in terms of treatment and characterization. This novelty will be their usp and the movie is in for a long haul. Watch the movie for its thrills, story and horror.

Rating : 3.0 / 5.0