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Bhadram Becareful Brotheru

Sampoornesh Babu is back.  As himself, perhaps.  In Bhadram Be Careful Brother, he plays a film star out to shock and stir everyone else in the comedy caper.            

The trailer of Bhadram Be Careful Brother launches Sampoo in a winner-parodies-them-all role.  Directed by Rajesh Puli, this film stars him in a film star's role.  Right from Bangaru Kodi Petta to looking himself in the mirror, Pawan Kalyan-style, The Sampoo apparently parodies them all here.  Also featuring Charan Raj, it has music by JB. 

Produced by Bonam Krishna Sathish, Adagatla Jaganbabu and Uppuluri Brahmaji, the film

We have reached a point where Sampoornesh Babu doing parody religiously is seen as being himself normally.  What is the real he - this nobody knows.  He being anything else other than parodying might burn many a 'hrudyaya kaleyam'.  That's how he became a Burning Star in the first place!